If there are indications of violations of laws or internal guidelines of the LANKWITZER Group, you have the opportunity to report them to us via our whistleblower portal.
For the LANKWITZER Group, it is essential that laws, internal guidelines and principles of conduct are complied with, because we know that this is the key to corporate success as well as honesty, ethics and personal responsibility. We therefore want to avoid any risks that could cast doubt on our integrity and harm others.
In order to fulfill this responsibility, it is important that we become aware of compliance-relevant misconduct.
With access (https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/lankwitzerhinweisgeberschutz) to our whistleblower portal, the LANKWITZER Group offers all employees and external parties the opportunity to report violations of legal provisions and internal company regulations – anonymously if they wish. This also includes information on human rights or environmental risks and legal violations along our global supply chain. This may concern the actions of our employees in our own business area or those of our suppliers or business partners.
If requested, your information is subject to confidentiality in accordance with the statutory provisions. Every report is examined in detail, suspected cases are investigated and any violations are consistently followed up.