Permanent exposure to sunlight, corrosive and aggressive media, stagnant water, mechanical stress – the surfaces of construction and agricultural machinery have to withstand extreme forces. Our range of high-quality paint systems, from advanced high-solid paints to water-dilutable and radiation-curing systems, meets the most demanding requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and optimize the painting processes. This results in shorter throughput and drying times as well as maximum application safety through optimal adjustment of our products to the individual application technology – for future-proof and economical processes as well as sustainable environmental protection.

ACE excavator


Construction and agricultural machines are exposed to extreme stress conditions. Our innovative EvoProtect product range combines the high-quality protective properties of a primer with the long-lasting decorative character of the top coat in one material. Thanks to many years of experience with this system and continuous technical development, our EvoProtect coating achieves the highest level of quality, comparable to that of a high-quality 2-layer system. By using EvoProtect and reducing the coating to one layer, our customers save considerable costs in terms of material as well as time and energy in the painting process.