Every year, many millions of vehicles are produced worldwide for use on and off the road. For every vehicle, in every country, the challenge is always the same: Power should be transferred from the engine to the wheels as efficiently, economically and reliably as possible.

Numerous manufacturers of vehicle components are confronted with this challenge. They produce components such as powertrains shafts, battery cells, brakes and other transmission parts for passenger and commercial vehicles.


The LANKWITZER group makes a decisive contribution to mastering these challenges by providing the global industry with innovative, sustainable and high-quality coating systems with the following characteristics:

  • Compliance with all common specifications of OEM manufacturers
  • Water-soluble, solvent-based and radiation-curing paint systems (high solids content), VOC-compliant

  • Fastest drying for optimized production processes

  • Quick packing and transport after painting and drying possible

  • Close cooperation with machinery manufacturers for the optimization of all application methods (conventional spraying, high rotation, etc.)
  • Engineering services from one source