More and more customers are thrilled by our UV paints which possess unbeatable characteristics. The film building is effected by energetic UV-light. Within seconds the polymerisation of these systems results in a hard film. It is possible to reach highest production rates and a fast processing because of this rapid drying operation.

Furthermore, our UV-paints convince through excellent mechanical qualities and good corrosion protection. UV-paint is environmentally friendly and contribute to an active environmental protection because they are practically free of solvents and need very little energy for drying.

Eventually UV paint is very economical since the recycling allows a 100 % usage of the paint and requires only minimal consumption. Also the equipment costs are very low since the required space for the UV-drying- and painting equipment is minimal and because there is no need for venting equipment and a cool-down-zone.

Surfaces and Pretreatment.

UV coatings have an approved history on absorbing surfaces like wood, paper and construction material. Plastic is an ideal surface because there is no thermic impact.

For metallic surfaces it is necessary to have thoroughly developed recipes in order to reach good adhesion despite the shrinkage process because of the rapid drying. Our development specialists have a long experience and know-how in this field and, therefore, are able to fulfil this difficult task with great success.


Car Industry

  • drum brakes
  • brake discs
  • seat adjusters
  • casings of electric motors
  • diesel pumps
  • coupling discs
  • various converting- and foundry products

Sheet Metal Processing / Steal Construction

  • interminably coating of pipes, sticks and profiles
  • lettering and marking of steel bottles, saw blades, etc.

Machine Construction

  • small parts
  • casings
  • valve blocks
  • screw retentions
  • sealing of seams

Special Applications

  • conduction adhesion primer on polyamide for powder coatings
  • hydro-UV-sliding-primer instead of chemical pretreatment, spot weldable
  • clear coat with highest scratch and abrasion resistance for damageable substrates (switch panels, covering panels, bumper bars, etc.)